Creating an environment that is transit supportive takes a lot more than just planning a great transit system. The way our region is planned, the density of our cities, the walkability of our communities, the funding mechanisms available, the political will and general attitude of our communities all interact to either hinder or foster how transit moves forward in our region.

The Tarrant Transit Alliance invites YOU to join us for the very first Transit Forward Symposium.


At this 2-Day Symposium:

  • Speakers will discuss issues facing Tarrant County that help or hinder a transit supportive environment

  • Participate in networking happy hour with like-minded individuals focused on pushing Tarrant County forward.

  • Attend a virtual visioning session will take place where we will break out into teams to determine what is standing in the way of a more transit supportive community, and make recommendations to improve these conditions. 

  • A final report will be developed that will be shared throughout Tarrant County with political leaders, community organizations, advocates, riders, just about anyone.


This is a first-of-its-kind attempt at knocking down silos, rolling up our sleeves, and really deep diving into the issues facing our region from a multi-mobility perspective. You don't want to miss it.


Join us for Transit Forward, a virtual symposium that will bring together the brightest minds in Tarrant County and beyond to address transit issues and solutions to move our region ahead... or leave it lagging behind.



How to Use Zoom

How to Use Miro

We’ve designed the symposium to be virtual using Zoom and Miro.